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Reporting and benchmarking checklist

Posted: 11 September 2020
Corporate Travel Manager Benchmarks Travel Program

One of your roles as a travel manager is to have more predictability and control. To do this you need robust reporting.

Download our 23-point checklist to evaluate whether your travel management company (TMC) has reporting capabilities that are up to the task in areas such as:

  • Traveler risk management — Can you identify where your travelers are in real time?
  • Savings — Do your analytics show you where to optimize for savings?
  • Online adoption and leakage — Are you keeping track of how many travelers are booking online?
  • Access to air credit and refund reports — Can you track and monitor the status of your unused airline tickets?
  • Policy and compliance — Can you tell if your travel program is serving your company’s goals?
  • Benchmarking insights — How does your travel spend compared to your peers?
  • Managing your carbon footprint — Can you stay on top of the environmental impact of your travel program?
  • Rapid-response reporting — Can your business respond quickly to changing environments, such as traveler recovery and COVID-19 reporting?

Download the checklist