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Transforming Logistics Travel with Smart Solutions

Aerial view of cargo ship in transit
Aerial view of cargo ship in transit

Transportation and logistics companies travel with Egencia

Amex GBT Egencia (EgenciaTM) is a proven and trustworthy corporate travel solution 
in the transportation and logistics industry.

Why Egencia?

No matter where in the world your business takes you, we make travel management simple.


Business travelers


Customers in the logistics services and transportation industry


in savings for customers since April 2022


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We understand your unique challenges

Check out the top three travel challenges in the transportation service and logistics and how Egencia solves them:

A post express worker checking on shipment on tablet

Solution: Save company time with virtual cards that streamline payments, making them easy to track and manage.

Solution: Access hotels and 24/7 support with the Egencia mobile app so your staff can book whenever they need to.

Solution: Pair drivers with service providers quickly through Egencia Arranger Groups.


Ready to update your travel program?

Discover how Egencia takes on some of the most unique challenges the freight and logistics industry faces

Increase travel policy compliance

Corporate travel never stops for an emergency air medical transportation company like Air Methods. Learn how the company achieves policy compliance and why data and reporting are crucial to success.

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Why the logistics sector continues to choose Egencia

In an age of supply chain disorder, shortages and complexity, businesses in your industry need smart strategies to manage travel spend. Here are some benefits a corporate travel digital transformation can offer travel, transport, cargo and logistics companies.

All information represented comes from Amex GBT Egencia internal reporting, 2023.

Mid 30s Asian Chinese Female Truck Driver preparing to leave on road trip

Our Smart Mix utilizes new technology to automate the travel booking process. On average it takes less than 4 minutes to book flights and 5 minutes to book hotels, cars, and trains. Machine learning provides travel options based on your companies preferred providers, travelers preferences, historical booking, and your companies unique travel policy. This could mean overall saved time and money for your transportation business.

It’s important to stay compliant in an ever-changing regulatory environment with multiple stakeholders. Egencia’s intuitive booking experience enables our clients to achieve an online adoption rate of 95% globally. A high adoption rate of a corporate travel program means you can better track security, privacy, duty of care and compliance.

Monitoring travel spend are crucial to maintain profitability. Egencia provides automated savings technology that rebooks a flight or hotel room if the price drops. In addition, travelers can book from nearly 45,000 hotels across 186 countries with Egencia Preferred Rates, offering rates with benefits specifically designed for corporate travelers.

Access insights more quickly with reporting for any product (airfare, rail, hotel and car rental), anywhere in the world, within an hour of booking. Enjoy operational efficiency, monitor travel spend, view cost savings and identify opportunities to maximize program performance through a central source of all your data.

Businesses of all sizes and industries consistently rank us at a 95% customer satisfaction or higher due to our easy-to-use platform and commitment to a positive customer experience.

More logistics business industry leaders are including practices and metrics that embrace sustainability. Your business travel program should be no different. With Egencia you can track C02 emissions for air, hotel and rail. Travelers can view the most carbon efficient flight option on any route.

Our implementation experts will give you access to a full set of features to manage your travel program online. You’ll be set up with an administrator profile, including your name and email address, so that you can fully manage your Egencia site.