Traveler Risk Management
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Mitigating and managing risk

Put safety first — any time, anywhere with our travel risk management program.

Managing Travel Risk

Put business traveler wellbeing at the front of the line

Business travel is unpredictable. The wellbeing and security of your people shouldn’t be.

When a natural disaster occurs or a security issue arises, having visibility into the problem and the tools you need to reach your travelers is paramount.

Duty of care falls on your shoulders. We know that travel managers are obligated to protect the health and welfare of your employees, whether they’re in the office or on the road. On top of that, they’re also your business’ biggest investment and most valuable asset — and are key to keeping your business functioning.

We can help you ensure that your travelers don’t feel vulnerable and that Egencia’s travel management solution is implemented quickly. Managing risk is simple with our effective travel risk management suite.


Coronavirus: Supporting your business travel program

With recent news about coronavirus impacting business travelers globally, find out how we can help with travel risk management solutions moving forward.

Help travelers with our travel management suite



Administrators have access to an up-to-date global map of high-risk situations that could impact travel. Th...


Reduce travel risk by limiting the number of travelers allowed on the same flight. You can set this up as p...


Prevent travel to locations you’ve determined to be a high-risk for your organization.


Travelers receive proactive alerts if something happens that could disrupt their business trip.


Travel and security managers have the ability to track business travelers globally.


Egencia partners with leading duty of care providers, providing world-class solutions for our customers and...

Know where your business travelers are

Our Traveler Tracker is your central hub to monitor incident zones and locate travelers quickly.

In any urgent situation, a fast response is needed. In just a few clicks, you can get a report on whether a traveler’s booking data indicates they may be impacted.

  • Available on desktop and in the mobile app.
  • Search by location or a specific area on the map.
  • Retrieve complete traveler details from consolidated online and offline bookings.
  • View up-to-date data of new trip bookings and flight updates.

Ready to launch an effective travel risk management program at your company?