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Travel Management Solutions, Compliance, Risk And Expense Management

Travel Management Solutions Hero Banner
Travel Management Solutions Hero Banner

Travel management made easy

All the up-to-the-date travel information you need at your fingertips to make travel management simpler — whether you’re booking, modifying a trip or approving employee travel.

How to build & run a travel management program

Managing the expenses, itineraries and travel of your travelers can sometimes feel overwhelming. Egencia’s best-in-class platforms makes staying on top of expenses, restrictions and policies easy for companies of all sizes and travel scenarios.

Policy compliance. No hand-holding required.

When your policy is built into your travel management solution, it’s easier for everybody. Travelers can choose from pre-approved options and approvers can sign off with a single click.

  • Nearly 500,000 hotels and over 475 airlines give your travelers the options they want, making compliance easy.
  • Proactive policy performance. Stay agile by monitoring and optimizing your travel management policy with up-to-date reporting and analytics.
  • Travel policy and traveler profile information are synchronized to stay compliant and create happier travelers.

Compliance solutions

Travel Management Policy Compliance
of Egencia travelers
always book in policy

84% of business leaders say that in-person interactions promote positive long-term relationships with customers.

Travel culture — your competitive advantage in a crowded field.

Risk management to the rescue

We know that your people are your greatest asset. That’s why we partner with leading security providers to help you keep them safe.

  • Traveler Tracker lets you easily locate travelers and gives you news updates every 15 minutes.
  • Incident awareness lets you inform travelers of events that may impact their travel.
  • Geographic risk level indicators help you assess and limit travel to locations with unacceptable risks.

Risk management solutions

Travel Management Risk

Embrace easier travel. Egencia delivers business travel management solutions to nearly 2 million travelers. Let us help you get them where they need to be.

Travel Management Expense

Expense management that works like you do

Think of the time you could save with easier expense reporting. We have. That’s why our expense management works with your business, whether you’re using simple spreadsheets or a robust expense solution.

  • Reporting made easy with a connected, automated approach to expenses.
  • Egencia Open Sync links personal credit cards to expense systems for easy reimbursement reporting.
  • Egencia Open Connect. Choose from more than 20 expense management providers to automatically send data and save time and money managing travel expenses from start to finish.

Expense management solutions

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We’re entering a new era of business travel - and it requires a new way of thinking

Learn how to elevate a travel program that fosters employee connection and maximizes ROI

One-stop shop for profile management

Download your data at any time. Keep profiles up to date. With our digital travel platform, your profile information stays synchronised at all times.

  • A simplified set-up that lets you send links for self-registration or quickly create multiple traveler profiles.
  • HR oversight to track new or departing employees with integrated cost center management.
  • Profiles synced across every device. Book whenever and wherever your travelers and travel managers are.

Profile management solutions

Travel Management One-stop Shop

Need better travel management solutions? We can help.