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Play nice with your travel policy

Our intuitive platform makes compliance second nature.

Travelers Safety Checklist

Travel compliance made easy

It’s easy for your business travelers to make in-policy bookings when they have an intuitive platform that consistently applies your business travel policy.

  • Every booking, on every channel, will be subject to your organization’s travel policy.
  • Guide travelers to choose in-policy bookings every time, wherever they are, across every device.
  • Instantly update business travel policy information through all booking tools.

Empowering travelers, boosting compliance


Find savings, make travelers happy

When your business travel policy is built into your travel management solution, business travelers are guided to options that match their profile, no matter how they choose to book.

While your travelers will be happy with the ease of booking, you’ll benefit from savings through increased travel compliance.

  • Find savings. When it’s easy for travelers to book through a travel management company (TMC) that also comes with a powerful reporting system, you get the full picture of your travel spend and can easily identify areas for optimization.
  • Personalized for every traveler. Segment your travelers into different groups based on their roles and create personalized business travel policies that meet their needs, encouraging them to book in policy.
82 %
of business travelers
always book in policy

Add value to your corporate travel

Your organization is full of individuals and your TMC should cater to this. See how you can treat corporate travel management as a strategic investment and deliver business value while making business travelers happy.

The first step to travel compliance is making sure that your travel policy can account for all traveler needs — and yours — by using a flexible, adaptable platform backed by a dedicated customer service staff.

  • Create multiple traveler groups so you can define separate policy requirements for road warriors, occasional travelers, executives, and everyone in between.
  • Account for exceptions with the ability to customize travel policy criteria on an individual traveler level.
  • Optimize quickly by rolling out changes and revisions that are immediately reflected across your travelers’ booking experience to keep your travelers and your travel program’s performance top-notch.

How AMS increased compliance

Gain insights, realize savings

With one centralized platform for travel bookings and policy management, you can see the full impact of your travel management program and create a business travel policy that makes a positive difference.

  • Instant access to reports that show you the full picture of your travel compliance across every travel type, regardless of how the trip was booked.
  • Leave the data science to us. Eliminate manual data crunching when all of your policy criteria and bookings are on one unified platform.
  • Identify opportunities for savings by tracking trending business traveler behavior throughout your organization.

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