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Report: Business Travel is the New Center of Company Culture

Why business travel is the new center of company culture

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Posted: 13 May 2022
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Employers are facing new challenges as a result of the pandemic. They’re now shifting to distributed work models, addressing employee burnout, balancing tight labor markets for employee retention, attracting top talent, and navigating uncertainty within national and global travel networks.

However, despite these obstacles, they have a unique opportunity to rethink their initiatives for employee engagement and how to build a strong company culture. One major standout is how to foster wellbeing and connection between co-workers. A largely dispersed workforce means face-to-face connection is even more critical to building teamwork and informed decision-making, cultivating culture and driving successful business outcomes.

Using business travel to enhance company culture

This requires a refreshed perspective for the purpose and value of business travel. It’s no longer a commodity, but an investment to create resilience, build meaningful connections and foster a positive work environment. Travel managers have a unique role to reframe how their company views travel—they can influence organizational culture. Now, business travel is more intentional and critical. Previously, offsite visits or meetings were a “nice to have,” but now, they’re a must-have. Employees working a hybrid schedule enjoy the perks of having more flexibility, but there’s still a need to build relationships and have face-to-face meetings.

Start reframing your business travel now

American Express Global Business Travel and CULTIQUE have partnered to find out just how important these connections are in workplace culture, and where business travel can make the greatest impact on employee experience for all team members. This 22-page report goes into detail about how travel:

  • Fuels corporate culture
  • Incentivizes workers’ wellbeing
  • Drives employees’ personal development
  • Provides employees with autonomy
  • Showcases company values

Fill out the form to download this report and learn why travel managers hold the key to impacting one of their company’s core values—company culture. You’ll get answers to your most pressing questions and learn actions that you can implement at your organization, today. A renewed world of work is emerging, and the corporate travel industry is gearing up for its return.

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