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The 3 Golden Rules for Fueling Fast Growth With Travel

3 golden rules for using travel to fuel fast growth

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Posted: 22 June 2022
Business Travelers at Airport

As a fast-growing company, you know how crucial it is to get the small stuff right so that as growth happens – fast – you have healthy systems to support the expansion. That’s what keeps people focused on the bigger vision, prevents costs from mushrooming, and keeps investors happy that corporate travel policy and budgets are being used effectively.

The question is, do you have a plan for using travel planning strategically to fuel your company’s growth?

Being strategic about travel isn’t just about getting people from A to B on a business trip or controlling the bottom line of travel arrangements within a company’s travel policy anymore. It’s about cultivating culture, fostering everyday resilience and meaningful connections, and playing a part in your overarching business goals.

Download this whitepaper, created by Egencia to learn:

  • How a corporate travel management company (TMC) with a shared culture of innovation can help you save on the bottom line with cost savings while growing the top line with easy and successful business trips. Smart fast-growing businesses are using company travel spend and budgets in new ways to thrive, according to a Deloitte Insights report. Are you?
  • How your travel program can help you amplify company culture in an age of remote work. Companies across the board are struggling with how to create – and disseminate – a unified vision tied to core values when employees are no longer face-to-face.
  • How your corporate travel program can be a secret weapon in attracting and retaining talent. Talent attraction (and retention) is one of the biggest challenges businesses face today, and it’s only heightened for companies growing at warp speed. With flexibility now paramount to employee satisfaction (83% of employees see business travel as a job perk), a well-designed travel program can play a key role in assembling a top-notch workforce across time zones.
  • How to choose a travel partner who can scale as quickly as you do. Digital booking tools abound these days. But do they offer the strength, experience, and foresight that will support your travelers and help scale your business? Here’s how to choose your travel partnership wisely.

Download the white paper for a blueprint of how to build a travel program to fuel your company’s growth – fast.

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