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Modern Transport And Logistics Guide For A Corporate Travel Program

The transport and logistics guide to a modern travel program

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Posted: 03 January 2024
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The transport and logistics industry is at a critical point. The supply chain industry was under immense pressure over the last few years when truck drivers and shippers alike struggled to keep up with freight volumes due to demand from e-commerce transactions. Global freight and trucking companies are now keen to move beyond these types of challenges. But with trip disruptions becoming the norm and economic uncertainty still looming, these companies need to develop business structures that are flexible and sustainable.

No matter the mode of transportation, it’s time for company growth

According to market data from IBISWorld, the general freight trucking (truckload) industry in the USA was valued at $91.4 billion in 2022, and grew by nearly 10% in the last year. If you’re in the trucking industry, you may be in a great position to start growing your business. And one really effective way to encourage that evolution? By modernizing your travel program.

However, as you might already know, the needs and diversity of the transportation services industry, including the freight transportation industry, are incredibly unique. So, driving success by aligning your travel program with your new priorities requires a travel management company (TMC) that is familiar with your needs.

But don’t worry if you don’t know where to start

We’ve put together three strategic ways you can use business travel to encourage growth, manage costs, and support your business goals specific to the transportation industry.

In this e-book, you’ll discover:

  • The specific capabilities needed in your TMC—beyond what you can accomplish in-house.
  • How to drive travel program adoption and optimization.
  • How your travel tool can become a powerful business tool.

So, if you’re ready to evaluate your business travel program, download the e-book now.

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