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Driving transformation in business travel with smart data and AI

Driving transformation in business travel with smart data and AI

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Posted: 06 October 2023
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Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been hot topics recently in both our personal and professional lives, and business travel is no exception. They’re assuming a critical role in enhancing business intelligence initiatives, enabling data-driven decision making, and crafting unparalleled experiences for business travelers.

Check out our new white paper, “Reinventing the business travel experience with data and AI,” to get in-depth insights about:

  • The historical role of data science in business travel: Understand how big data has been used in the past, and what data analytics can do for us today.
  • The evolving state of data collection and data management in travel and the corporate world: A new generation of AI-fueled chatbots, AI-enhanced analytics, and comprehensive customer behavior analyses are altering the landscape.
  • Diverse dimensions of data insights: Not all insights are created equal. The question is, is the data program capturing the right data and extracting and acting on the most relevant metrics and insights?
  • Defining data personalization boundaries: Data personalization offers tailored and predictive experiences, yet it can teeter on the edge of intrusiveness. The key to success lies in cultivating experiences that cater to travelers without breaching their trust.
  • Accelerating a new work era through data: Learn about ongoing advancements where AI and ML elevate services for hybrid workforces, streamline costs behind the scenes, and optimize processes with unprecedented efficiency.

Leading with data-driven insights creates opportunities to educate key stakeholders in near real-time, make better decisions, and prioritize customer satisfaction—for both established and new customers. All of this can lead to better business decisions going forward. Make sure you understand the history and have an eye on the future of data science when you download this new white paper today.

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75% of companies have already integrated AI into their business strategies, according to Accenture.

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