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Optimize Your Corporate Travel & Savings During Uncertainty

Whitepaper: Managing uncertainty in business travel

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Posted: 22 November 2022
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Rising costs, supply chain issues, staff shortages, and global economic instability are heavily impacting the travel industry. The silver lining is that uncertainty offers an unprecedented opportunity to identify innovation and reimagine old paradigms.

In this whitepaper, we review the five contributing factors to an unpredictable corporate travel landscape; but it’s not all doom and gloom. In addition, we share insights and actionable takeaways for your business to minimize the negatives and maximize the positives of corporate travel. Download the whitepaper and learn more about the following strategic planning initiatives:

  • How to gain insight through data and benchmarks
  • How to create a travel strategy for unpredictability
  • How to review and adapt your travel policy to cut costs

This whitepaper will help your travel program embrace the future. Companies both big and small with the foresight and open-mindedness to see the challenges ahead as an opportunity for innovation will discover new initiatives to drive cost reduction. Download the whitepaper to learn more about the following new technology for costs savings:

  • Artificial intelligence tools for savings optimization
  • The financial benefits of machine learning
  • Renewed focus on traveler well-being from travel providers

As you navigate the uncertainty of corporate travel there are tools and strategies available that can make a big difference to your corporate travel program. The business travel industry has quickly learned that uncertainty demands holistic and agile methodology. To better meet the satisfaction of employees and lower costs you must shift your business travel mindset to be data-driven, strategic, and flexible. Download the whitepaper today by filling out the form on the right.

Around the world, the average cost of travel will continue to rise in the remaining months of 2022 and throughout 2023. However, cutting back on your travel budget isn’t always an option. Business travel may very well be connected with protecting your bottom line. Your ability to establish a connected workforce, maintain the loyalty of customers, and increase opportunities to connect with potential prospects depends on a thriving corporate travel program. Check out how economic downturn is impact corporate travel in this infographic.

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