Business travelers look to mobile on the road, but are you?

For today’s business travelers, technology is everything. They measure how satisfied they were with a trip based on how technology, mostly mobile, makes their […]

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Ditch the #TechSpeak. How Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality will change how you manage business travel

How emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, will change business travel management.

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Why bots are coming to business travel

You may not have noticed but 2015 was a tipping point. It was the year that the number of people using messenger apps, such […]

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Turning mobile addiction into mobile adoption in business travel, a Q&A with Juan Esteves

If everyone is always on their device, why not bring your travel program to where they are – on mobile.

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Why you might be more like a millennial than you think

For generation experts, everyone is categorized into a type: generation X, baby boomers or millennials – each one with a particular set of demands, […]

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To share or not to share? How to decide if sharing economy services are right for your corporate travel policy

While more and more business travelers are using ride sharing services, many travel programs have still not clearly addressed the topic in their travel policies. An Egencia client shares the steps she took to evaluate and implement a ride sharing travel policy.

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