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Egencia Customer Success Story: zeb

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Why 98% of zeb’s travelers use Egencia’s online booking tool

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European consulting company, zeb, boasts a 98% online adoption rate of Egencia’s online booking tool. Read the full story or watch the video below to hear from Christian Spieker, head of corporate services at zeb, about why business travelers have a high adoption rate of Egencia’s tool and the many ways Egencia empowers them to build a strong corporate travel program.



The pandemic changed the business travel landscape, but also for zeb, their client’s needs shifted when the world went remote. Zeb’s travelers found themselves exploring new ways to meet their clients, and this meant schedules fluctuated more frequently given the uncertainty of business travel at the time.

Spieker turned to his trusted travel management company to support zeb’s 900 travelers in their travel bookings. This meant working in lockstep with his account manager and diving into data to learn from seemingly unpredictable travel patterns.


Spieker found that Egencia’s set of innovative online tools and knowledgeable account management was the combination he needed to support zeb’s travel program. The mobile app has also been a major advantage as employees embark on corporate travel. It enables seamless booking and rebooking if there’s a disruption, and most users are able to self-service—in real-time—if needed.

Says Spieker, “We are a highly digitalized company and have young people who are very adept at new technologies. They just love the Egencia features because they’re very easy to use. So for them, it’s much easier to use the online tools.” Spieker continues, “The mobile app is highly used. Everything they did before directly with the airline, hotel, or an intermediary provider—rebooking flights, rebooking or canceling hotels—they’re now doing online. And that works very well for them.”


The results speak for themselves—a 98% adoption rate of the online booking tool confirms Spieker’s sentiments.

What’s best, zeb has seen travel spend savings as a result of its travelers’ usage of the business travel management tool. The dynamic hotel rate cap travel policy feature shows travelers lower price options so they can make the right call when booking accommodations for a business trip. Although it’s not mandated in the travel policy to book the cheaper option, many travelers opt to do it. Implementing this feature has garnered savings in just one year—and Spieker is eager to see that number grow as travelers take a closer look at their travel costs and are empowered to continue using Egencia’s travel management solutions.

Spieker also relies heavily on data to inform the future of zeb’s travel solutions. When travelers book online through Egencia, all the data is captured and harnessed for Spieker to analyze with his Egencia account manager. “We have a very close relationship with our account manager. We meet up at least every month to review our numbers using the Analytics Studio and benchmark against other clients, which is great,” says Spieker.

The future is bright for zeb’s travelers and its corporate travel program. By having pertinent data, a strong account management team and the fortitude to take a future-thinking approach to it's travel program, there’s not much that will stand in the way of enhancing its travel services.

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