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Egencia product release highlights Q4 2022

Egencia product release highlights Q4 2022

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Posted: 15 March 2023

Giving you more in Q4: Discover the latest product release highlights at Egencia

The end of a year might be the time to wind down, but we didn't let that stop us. From more timely data for hotels and trains to a new filter that lets you search for eco-friendly hotels, our exciting Q4 updates make booking your business travel even more seamless. Watch the video now.

More timely hotel and train data refreshed in Egencia reporting tools

The data hub and APIs now provide you with the latest data for trains in Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, and Poland, as well as hotels worldwide. And that’s not all, in 2023, we’ll be adding even more countries to bring you faster rail, car and air data in Egencia’s reporting tools, so it’ll be easier to stay on track with your rail travel.

Change flights and hotel bookings in the app

Out on the road but need to change a booking? No worries! You can now modify eligible bookings while on the go by clicking the ‘change’ button on the Egencia app’s trip page. If the selected flight or hotel booking can’t be updated, you’ll be sent a customer support link to chat with our virtual agent or speak with a travel consultant.

Map travel arrangers to travelers

Our new arranger groups tool allows travel managers to oversee large sets of travel arrangers and travelers easily. You can also save time and effort when organizing travel arrangers by connecting them to specific traveler groups, departments, and cost centers.

Find eco-friendly hotels with new search tools

Great news! It’s now even easier to make greener choices when you travel.

When you search for hotels on Egencia, you’ll now see their sustainable certifications. Certified hotels are marked with an eco-friendly green leaf badge. Select the new ‘eco-friendly’ filter and the search results will update, so you can browse a list containing only eco-certified properties.

Want to learn more about 2022 updates?

There was a whole host of exciting product announcements in 2022, including the expansion of Egencia Chat into Slack, the AI-approval recommendation tool, and a new API developer center. So check out our end of year product highlights to discover more.

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