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New Distribution Capability (NDC) Impact on Business Travel

New Distribution Capability (NDC) impact on business travel

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Posted: 22 September 2023Updated: 04 October 2023
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Getting Started With NDC: The Basics of New Distribution Capability

We know you are likely hearing a lot of buzz about New Distribution Capability, aka NDC, and probably want to learn more about it. Confused about what it is, how it works, and the benefits of NDC? We get it. The technical jargon, rapidly changing landscape, and constant news can sometimes make it challenging to grasp. So, let’s break things down in simple language. (And if you’re still baffled by a term used below, check out our NDC glossary here.)

What is NDC?

New Distribution Capability is a data interface (i.e., computer code) built for the airline industry to transform how airlines distribute and sell flight content. It was developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a global trade association for the airline industry, for many different reasons. NDC gives carriers the ability to share richer content and more personalized offerings with customers than what the established data standard allows for today.

What's next?

American Express Global Business Travel is fully committed to NDC. Our tech teams have been working diligently to bring NDC-sourced content into our marketplace. As always, we are focused on making sure we have comprehensive air content available to travelers in a transparent, omnichannel shopping, booking, and servicing environment and that it meets the needs of our corporate clients.

To learn more about what we deem necessary to make NDC-sourced content ready for business travel and what we are doing to build an NDC booking environment suited for our corporate clients, click here.

The full version of this blog appears on the American Express Global Business Travel’s blog, The Atlas, and can be read here. NDC is being updated frequently, so check in to stay up-to-date.

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