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Egencia Business Travel Arranger Center For Travel Bookers

Travel Booker Looks To Book Flights
Travel Booker Looks To Book Flights

Travel arranger center

Learn how Egencia makes it easy to arrange business travel for others

Travel Arranger Books Travel Through Egencia

Get ready to book business trips for your travelers

  • Login to your Egencia account or retrieve your password if you’ve forgotten it.
  • Update traveler profiles with information like seating and meal preferences, loyalty program member information, passport number, mobile number, and emergency contact information.
  • Redeem your business traveler's airline credits directly on the Egencia website in the case of changed or canceled flights.
  • Arrange travel for your group.
  • Approve business trip requests from your email, Egencia website, or the Egencia app.
  • Set-up an alternate approver so there’s no downtime in case of an approver’s absence.

Watch all you need to book business trips

Improve employee and executive travel experience

  • Promote the Egencia app for iOS or Android. Your business travelers will enjoy a leisure-like booking experience when booking and managing their business trips.
  • CIBT – an Egencia partner and the world’s largest global visa provider -- will inform your business traveler if they need to obtain a visa for their trip (EMEA only).
Book Business Travel For Employee And Executive Travel
Book Hotels And Flights Through Egencia

Get your business travelers on the road

  • Online check-in opens 24-48 hours before flight departure. The Egencia app will notify your business travelers to check in and redirect them to the airline’s check-in page.
  • Change Egencia flights or hotels directly online or through the app
  • Cancel trips – including air, hotel, rail, or car -- online or through the app with just a few clicks.
  • Manage your group bookings by whole group or individual traveler directly on the Egencia website.

Watch all you need to manage business trips

Once travelers are back home

  • Access all receipts and invoices from a business trip on the Egencia website with a single click for streamlined travel expense reporting.
  • Get help pursuing compensation in the case of delayed or canceled Egencia flights with Air Help (if your company is enrolled).
Find travel receipts & invoices
Onboarding Welcome

Need more help or support as a travel arranger?

Egencia Mobile App

Egencia mobile app

The Egencia app delivers the information business travelers, travel arrangers, approvers, and travel managers need, with the efficiency and flexibility to book, manage, and view their business trips.

Stay connected to your trip and enjoy exclusive privileges, available only on the Egencia app.

Still can't find what you're looking for?

If your company uses Egencia and you would like to reach Egencia Support but can’t log in, please click here and you will be redirected to a support page.

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