Mergers and acquisitions: 7 steps to realign program

At the end of last year, Egencia released a white-paper Mergers and Acquisitions: 7 Steps to Realign Your Travel Program that quoted a recent […]

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Marketing makeover for women: How to negotiate when selling into the C-suite

Lelia Gowland, Principal, Gowland, LLC  You probably didn’t become a travel manager because you loved negotiations, but whether you’re advocating for an increase in […]

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Are RFPs worth it? When to do them and when not to do them

An RFP (request for proposal) is a formal process to evaluate and compare those companies who wish to supply specific goods or services to […]

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Avoiding Turbulence: The Risks and Opportunities of Airline Consolidation for Business Travel Programs

As the airline landscape evolves, it is vital to optimize your air program and revisit your contracts to ensure they deliver the greatest value […]

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What airline consolidation means for your corporate travel program

By Max Weyde and Natalia Navarro Intense competition has always been a part of commercial aviation. The first airlines faced off to win government […]

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Expedia Customer Story: Why does Expedia, Inc. need a travel management company?

Why does Expedia, Inc. need a travel management company? – Expedia, Inc. is one of the largest travel companies in the world. And still […]

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