Traveler Satisfaction

Recorded Webinar – Policy vs Policing: How to Empower and take Care of your Travelers

What isn’t working well in business travel? According the business travelers we surveyed globally, only 38% say their company’s travel policy meets their needs […]

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Where’s the Juice in tomorrow’s business travel program?

Scott Gillespie, CEO, tClara  Historically, travel managers have done a great job at managing all that goes into a traditional corporate travel program.  Unfortunately, […]

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The year of the business traveler: four ways to utilize data to support road warriors in 2017

Even in a cost-conscious environment, businesses have an opportunity to adopt policies and practices designed to improve the lives of road warriors.  Addressing traveler […]

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Q&A With Alfred Chehebar: Suitcase Designer & Genius Pack Founder

We sat down with Alfred Chehebar, founder and designer of Genius Pack, to discuss suitcase design and where he sees the luggage industry going. […]

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Not leaving on a jet plane: 10 ways to cope with business travel delays

Hopping on a plane soon? You won’t be alone. According to Sabre, March and April are the heaviest flown business travel months across most […]

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Exposed: We’re all human, even business travelers

This week we laughed, we cringed, we thought “Thank goodness it wasn’t me,” as we watched Dr.  Robert Kelly’s children and wife make their […]

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