What to consider when preparing for a hotel RFP

Technology has changed the way travel managers approach requests for proposal. Access to data has helped to make negotiations simpler and more transparent. And travel managers have the […]

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Business travel glossary

Every industry has its jargon, but the travel industry has more than most. Here’s a glossary of the key terms that every travel manager […]

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Is traditional travel management dead in small and medium enterprises?

At Egencia, we’ve worked closely with travel managers for more than 15 years and see that travel management is drastically changing, especially in small […]

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When sourcing hotels, don’t check in late

Conducting a Hotel RFP, once a routine albeit time-consuming exercise, has become more difficult in recent years. With hotels putting more roadblocks in your […]

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Are loyalty membership rates turning chain hotels into ball and chain hotels?

You may have noticed, the travel industry press has been buzzing with the launch of hotel chain loyalty member rates. This may be exciting […]

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Chainwide discounts: are “savings” costing your company?

Preferred hotels are the star players of your travel program. Your booking tool shows them first to score maximum savings and satisfaction for travelers. […]

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