Dynamic visuals, centralized data

High-level reports, actionable data, savings opportunities — at your fingertips.

Dynamic visuals, centralized data

High-level reports, actionable data, savings opportunities — at your fingertips.

Business travel as a growth strategy

Whether you’re a large corporation with a global footprint or a startup shaking up the industry, business travel needs to be part of your growth strategy.

Implementing a business travel program isn’t enough — you need to gain visibility into your data to measure how well your travel program is performing. 

  • The Egencia Analytics Studio centralizes your travel program data and lets you view your reports in a visually dynamic dashboard. You can view reports on your travel program’s overall performance or dig into specific details.
  • Keep a pulse on your travel program with reports that give you a view of your entire program or deep dive into air, hotel, train, and car reports.
  • Whatever data you want to view, we’ve already done the hard work for you so that you can focus on the metrics that matter most to your business. Use the insights you gather from Analytics Studio to optimize savings, increase compliance, and improve traveler satisfaction.

Save time and money

Employees who are happy travelers can be some of your best recruiters. Giving them a travel program that’s clear, easy to understand and suits their needs makes all the difference. We own our technology end-to-end and this means we’re able to deliver a consistent experience for travelers and travel arrangers whether they access Egencia online, on our app, or through one of our agents.

A great business travel experience doesn’t stop there. We have a dedicated team of agents that use Fare Savings Finder to uncover lower-cost flights and deliver you savings. We use machine learning for Smart Mix, a feature that provides you and your travelers the best hotel and air sort when booking. This means you’ll see the most relevant options surfaced to the top that take into account personalized choices, travel history, and rates that meet your policy.

We keep technology at the forefront of our platform to create a better experience for travelers and travel managers. With an online adoption rate of more than 88 percent, we return productivity to you through our booking platform that’s easily accessible from any device.

Data makes the difference

Egencia is the only travel management company (TMC) that can consolidate all of your online and offline travel data in one place, which means there’s no need for you to sync between multiple systems.

We built our digital travel platform with the people who do business travel for a living in mind. This means you can report on your travel program with confidence, knowing that you have the complete picture in front of you.

We bring your travel program to life through data visualization in Analytics Studio. With a variety of filters, dynamic charts, graphs and intuitive features, your data is at your fingertips and accessible anytime. Whether you need to download images, an Excel file, raw data or save reports as a PDF, we’ve got you covered. Need to look at compliance with a particular group of travelers? Just set the filters you need and you’re ready to see the details.

We know business travel involves a lot of moving pieces and that you need to act quickly and decisively. That’s why we’ve put everything you need into Analytics Studio to help you understand your travel program’s performance and find savings opportunities.

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