Scaling up? How business travel can impact growth

By Wendy White, vice president of marketing  Recently, a colleague introduced me to the term scaleup. “You worked in the start-up world,” she told me, “how do you not […]

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Improving the corporate travel experience

Imagine the following scenario: You run the corporate travel program at your company. An employee is headed to Paris on business, so she uses […]

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Protecting your travel culture during a recession  

By Eric White, general manager, Chrome River Perceptions of business travel will always differ between individual travelers. For some, the chance to stay in […]

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Your essential checklist for business travel savings

There’s no doubt that managed business travel can add value to your organization. In a report from Harvard Business Review, Analytic Services in association with […]


How to use your strengths when managing change

By Lelia Gowland, Principal, Gowland, LLC Maybe this scenario sounds familiar? Travelers in your company have become used to unmanaged travel and the associated travel […]

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Supporting local policies in a global travel program

By Charlotte Griveaud, senior product marketing manager When you manage travel for an international business, your days are probably never typical. One day, your […]

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