9 steps to save time and money with managed travel

Moving to managed travel could save your business money, time and a lot of frustration. Choosing the right travel management company to partner with is the […]

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The ultimate guide to reshaping your business travel program

Is it time to take a step back and assess your travel management program? What’s worked well? What areas need improvement? Where can you […]

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6 ways to boost talent retention with business travel

Attracting and retaining top talent is a big deal for any company. For fast-growing companies it’s vital. These businesses face the challenges of keeping pace with their […]

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What to consider when preparing for a hotel RFP

Technology has changed the way travel managers approach requests for proposal. Access to data has helped to make negotiations simpler and more transparent. And travel managers have the […]

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Business travel glossary

Every industry has its jargon, but the travel industry has more than most. Here’s a glossary of the key terms that every travel manager […]

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Using predictive analytics to improve corporate travel

It’s hard to know where we’re at in the cycle of hype for predictive analytics in business travel. There’s enough breathless excitement surrounding the […]

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