Advances in procurement technology and business travel

Digital transformation transcends customer engagement. Transformation can and should also affect your internal operations. For example, with advances in procurement technology the Chief Financial […]

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How to choose a TMC: Don’t settle for software or service – give travelers both

Looking at an ocean of travel management companies (TMCs), what is the right wave to bet on? If you’re only looking at features, you’re […]

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Travel expense management and the path to revenue growth

Travel expense management tends to focus on the management of business travel expenses. What some leaders now understand is that business travel also is […]

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How To: Boost compliance and savings through increased business traveler satisfaction

Employees are more likely to follow a corporate policy if it makes their lives easier. It should not take time for bookers to find […]

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Business traveler satisfaction builds strong organizations

The question, “Did you enjoy your trip?” may not be top of mind for Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs), but […]

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How To: Use your travel policy to accelerate employees and avoid burnout

by Virginie Pouget, Head of Global Consulting The Wall Street Journal recently took a closer look at companies that are experimenting with how they […]

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