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Return to Business Travel & Restarting Permissible Travel in 2021

Restarting permissible travel for business travelers

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Posted: 19 April 2021
Business Travel Return

Last year, after the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, the business travel industry and corporate travel programs went through unprecedented changes.

However, with COVID-19 vaccinations on the rise, and growing optimism for increased levels of business travel, Travel Managers can now make the final preparations for their company’s return to travel.

New challenges

With monumental changes to air travel, hotel stays and car rentals, travel managers face new obstacles when planning budgets, setting corporate travel policies and preparing their business travelers to return to the road. Travel managers now need to evaluate when and where they want to restart face-to-face meetings.

One shift travel managers can focus on, is a new emphasis on the value a business trip brings to the overall business strategy. Travel managers should also connect with their chief executives, corporate travelers and suppliers now to help define short-term and long-term business travel plans.

Festive Road offers a permissible travel framework to evaluate an organization’s overall readiness to travel based on corporate, individual and government regulations.

Join the webinar

With this webinar you’ll learn important tips for when speaking with chief executives on which types of in-person meetings add the most value to the organization. It also discusses how corporate travel managers can adopt a permissible travel approval framework.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to define and identify permissible travel across your business to establish organizational, individual, and government readiness to resume business travel.
  • How to optimize travel to engage across the organization and move corporate travel from being considered a cost item to adding great value - increasing visibility and value for the corporate travel program
  • How dynamic approvals, updated corporate travel policies, and effective traveler communications can best operationalize permissible travel within your organization


Mike Orchard, Principal Consultant at Festive Road

Caitlin Deegan, Sr. Director of Product Strategy at Egencia

Interested in learning more? View the whitepaper on restarting permissible travel for business travelers.

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