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Adapting To a New World: Business Strategy & Travel Management Post Covid-19

Modernize your travel program e-book

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Posted: 11 September 2020
Travel program post-Covid: e-book

Working remotely is a short-term measure for employees when your business thrives on face-to-face interactions. For this reason, recognition of corporate travel as a powerful strategic lever is now well documented. But many organizations remain restrained by legacy travel programs that haven't modernized fully to adapt to new business models. Some believe now is the right moment to progress toward a digitally transformed travel program. Are there business leaders in your organization who are still not convinced about the value of digital transformation?

Uncertainty across the global economy will remain a feature for some time now with disruptive, unpredictable trading conditions aplenty. This raises the stakes in undertaking digital transformation.

For the first time, many businesses are recognizing this as the critical moment to further accelerate their digital transformation and remold their corporate travel program to weather the COVID-19 crisis and future storms more effectively.

We know that travel program management has been the almost- exclusive domain of the corporate travel manager. However, now, cross-functional collaboration between C-suite, legal, safety, compliance, human resources, cybersecurity and other stakeholders is vital in managing the risk and reward associated with business travel.

This e-book provides a shared framework. Let’s begin populating it top-down by focusing on a C-suite perspective. We will then view new opportunities across program and tool specifics from the ground up, as travel managers would.

  • Travel risk management/employee wellbeing  
  • ROI/financial crisis recovery 
  • Predictability

None of these pressures are new, necessarily. The reality of this new normal is that they’ve increased urgency for managers, executives and business travelers.

How will the C-suite understand the increased focus across traveler and customer experience? How will they guide the organization forward in this new reality? What priorities will the C-suite assign to put them into operation to address the impact of COVID-19 and other times of crisis?

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