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Using Business Travel To Improve Your Talent Retention

Travel culture: Your talent recruitment and retention advantage

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Posted: 24 September 2019

At a time when competition for talent is fierce, having a strong travel culture is critical to standing out from your competitors. This means prioritizing a travel culture that gives employees the freedom to meet leads, customers and partners — and collaborate with colleagues — face to face.

A recent report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with Egencia, reveals that companies who have a strong travel culture see twice as much improvement in employee satisfaction compared to those with a weak travel culture. It can help employees to be more productive, perform better and feel more fulfilled by their work. The report also uncovers that a third of business leaders would consider leaving their current role for a position at a competitor with a stronger travel culture, showing that business travel clearly impacts a company’s employee value proposition.

Download the report to learn:

  • How having a strong travel culture can be a key differentiator in both attracting and retaining skilled employees
  • The key components to creating a strong travel culture
  • The main roadblocks holding companies back from building a strong travel culture, and how to avoid them
  • Creative travel strategies to increase talent attraction and retention while improving your bottom line
  • What travel buyers and managers can do now to create a strong travel culture going into the future

Read the report today for actionable insights on how a strong travel culture can give your business a recruitment and retention advantage.

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