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On Demand: Chainwide Discounts - Are “Savings” costing your company?

1 min
Posted: 28 July 2017Updated: 18 September 2020
Topics: Blog

Preferred hotels are the star players of your travel program. Your booking tool shows them first to score maximum savings and satisfaction for travelers. But can these preferred hotels really deliver a winning hotel program? When a “chainwide discount” is promoted as “preferred,” all content from that chain is sent to the top of the sort order, likely pushing down more valuable content leaving you with unhappy travelers and increased hotel leakage. Watch this recorded webinar to learn how to:

  • Evaluate the potential impact (both positive and negative) from adding a chainwide discount to the preferred hotel program;
  • Decide whether a chainwide discount is worth the “cost of loyalty” or if you are driving travelers to spend more to get a discount;
  • Drive savings without signing chainwide discounts;
  • Deliver a winning hotel program.