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How to Optimize Your Corporate Travel Budget, Checklist

Checklist: How to maximize ROI on travel spend with your TMC

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Posted: 11 September 2020
Corporate Traveller Manager Optimises Travel Spend

As the world opens up and business travelers get back on the road, we’re not heading back to business as usual. As someone in charge of the finances for your company, how do you set an ROI target for travel spend in this current situation? What can you do to optimize it going forward? What should you deem to be essential travel and where should you be pulling back?

Your travel management company (TMC) can — and should — be a valuable ally in answering questions like these as you navigate the business travel. Download this 31-point checklist to find out if they can deliver in areas like:

  • Data — do you have real-time, on-demand data to make strategic decisions?
  • Traveler safety and support — do you have policies to support travelers wellbeing?
  • Policy and compliance — can you tell if your travel program is serving your company’s goals?
  • Global reach and extensive inventory — can your TMC give you the inventory you need?
  • Technology — how is your TMC leveraging technology to bring your company greater savings and value?
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