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5 Ways Chat Support Improves Corporate Travel Experiences

5 ways Chat improves your travelers’ experiences

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Posted: 16 November 2020
Egencia Chat Traveler Support

See how Egencia delivers expert support resources to your travelers

by Diana Hoffman, director of product marketing

Last year when Expedia Group rolled out chat to leisure travelers, we discovered something incredibly important: Travelers loved it. They felt more supported with easier access to the information they needed at their fingertips and on their terms. We think business travelers are no different, they want the same ease of use and fast, expert customer experience they have come to expect as consumers. Let’s see how Egencia Chat delivers.

  1. How does Egencia Chat speed up resolution of my corporate travelers’ support needs?

Patience is a virtue, or so it’s said. But sometimes, patience isn’t easily tapped into when the only thing you want is a quick answer. Egencia Chat is AI-powered customer service with a human touch. The virtual travel agent is programmed to give a business traveler personalized answers within nanoseconds. It’s also a 24/7/365 self-service connection to current, past, and cancelled bookings, empowering travelers to make changes in seconds. No phone call required.

  1. Chatbots are great, but sometimes we all need real human support. What to do?

That's right — virtual agent chat is great. And we know support needs sometimes go beyond the bot — chatbot, that is. Unexpected flight delays requiring last minute rebooking? No problem. Travelers have the option to transfer their virtual agent chat to a live chat with an Egencia business travel consultant. This direct, immediate access to our customer care teams is available when you have more complex travel support needs.

  1. Will Egencia Chat impact my travel program costs?

Everyone likes to save money. Especially a travel manager who has a responsible focus on the company bottom line. The Egencia Chat experience includes virtual agent chat, available for free. Giving your business travelers the option to self-service their trips without human intervention can reduce your program fees. Just as great: fast, effective and engaged responses to customer service requests help increase your travelers’ satisfaction with your travel program.

  1. My travelers need fast access to advisory and alert information. How does Chat help them stay informed?

Traveling is much easier – and travelers feel more confident –

with the information needed to make informed travel choices. Egencia Chat displays proactive virtual agent notifications of trip-related travel advisories, including health and hygiene standards information from hotels. The virtual agent can help your travelers plan for their business trips while also increasing their confidence in their travel plans.

  1. I have travelers who are new to my business travel program. Can Chat help them learn how to book on Egencia more quickly?

Egencia’s familiar and frictionless experience across both desktop and mobile speeds bookings so your travelers can focus on their day job. Book hotels within four minutes, a flight, rental car or train within less than five minutes. When bookers need additional guidance, Chat delivers with efficient, seamless links to relevant Egencia Help Center travel tips and articles designed to assist them in their moment of need.

These benefits for your travelers and your travel program are all delivered in the Egencia Chat experience, AI-powered customer support with a human touch.

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