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Business Travel Trends During COVID-19

Business travel trend tracker during COVID-19

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Posted: 29 October 2020
Business Travel Industry COVID19 Dashboard

Business trips are going to be redefined by COVID-19 now and in the coming years. This means re-evaluating your global business travel strategy and finding new approaches for supporting corporate travelers.

Egencia is committed to giving you the travel tools to take control of your travel program as we emerge from the chaos created by the current crisis. We have been gathering and analyzing travel data during the pandemic and combining it with machine learning to understand the travel trends in various regions and industries. By analyzing the online booking data from the last 60 days, you will be able to compare your company’s progress and travel against what’s happening in your industry, country and region. This data provides valuable insights to help inform your travel program optimization, company policy updates and overall guidance to help get you back on the road.

How to use this business travel trend data

Bring insightful data to your business travel plans as you return to travel and adjust your policy by discovering:

  • Which countries show an increase in travel?  
  • Which industries are currently traveling? 
  • Which industries are preparing to return to travel soon? 
  • Where are they traveling? 
  • How far in advance are travelers booking? 

What does this mean for your corporate travel program?

As you prepare to return to business travel, you will want to review and update your corporate travel policies and booking processes. This may require redefining what constitutes essential travel for infrequent travelers, frequent travelers, and everyone in between to decide who can travel to various destinations.

Traveling during a pandemic raises lots of questions about how to confidently get back on the road. A trusted partner can help guide you through the difficult times and get you the answers you need when you need them the most. At times like these, you need a travel management company (TMC) that can help optimize your travel program as you navigate the complexities of mitigating travel risk and ensuring the wellbeing of your business travelers.

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