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Business Travel & COVID-19 Trend Analysis

Business travel trend tracker during COVID-19

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Posted: 22 September 2021
Business Travel Industry COVID19 Dashboard

How to use this dashboard

As someone involved in managing your company’s business travel, you're responsible for defining and enforcing corporate travel policies as the global economy adjusts to the post COVID-19 environment. It’s important to make sure you have a clear view of the business travel landscape as it evolves. You need answers to questions such as:

  • Which countries are seeing an uptick in business travel? If companies in your region are going back on the road, this may indicate the economy is starting to recover, which means you will want to start planning for a return to business travel.
  • Are my competitors already traveling or preparing to return to travel? If your industry is on the list of those traveling or preparing to travel, you can lead internal discussions around your travel strategy with real data.
  • Where are companies traveling and what is the booking window mix per product (flight, rail, car rental)? This data will help you make decisions on your travel policy and potentially realize travel cost savings.

Our powerful technology platform allows us to gather detailed data on travel bookings around the world. Analyzing this data, we're able to detect global trends impacting business travel. This information is more important than ever as we work to navigate through the uncertainty of the pandemic, so we're sharing the insights and information gleaned from our research. From this page you have access to that data and analysis.

Using a visual analytics platform, we put together a dashboard that tracks business travel trends around the globe, providing a clear picture of the current state of the business travel landscape. Having this insight enables you to make informed decisions regarding your current business travel strategy so you can adjust your travel program accordingly, such as modifying booking windows.

Business travel trend tracker

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The data is updated every 30 days based on travel data from Egencia transactions and provides three views of travel data on the global and regional level:

  • Countries which are returning to travel
  • Business travel trends

You can change the view to show tailored information for your needs such as: Global / Regional (AMER/APAC/EMEA) and country view (US/DE/FR/UK).

Egencia resources

No matter where you are in your return-to-travel process, Egencia is actively supporting customers and travel managers everywhere.

Returning to travel?

  • Checklist: Return to travel. As your travelers get back on the road, be sure to refer to the return-to-travel checklist that Egencia has compiled, offering five proactive steps you can take to prepare.
  • Egencia Travel Advisor. Specifically, for COVID-19, Egencia has launched the Egencia® Travel Advisor to help customers mitigate risks by researching advisory information for any origin and destination. In addition to the planning and research tools, Egencia has embedded advisories into the shopping experience, helping with the decision-making process.
  • The ultimate guide on returning to travel. This step-by-step guide will help you put your people back on the road.

Preparing to travel soon?

Not traveling?

Egencia reserves the right to modify or discontinue the publishing of the Egencia Business Travel Trend Tracker at any time without prior notice.

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