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New APIs to Automate, Connect and Simplify your Travel and Expense

New APIs to automate, connect and simplify your travel program

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Posted: 21 April 2022
API Developer Center Launch

By Jayde Phillips, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Egencia is expanding its digital offering with a new suite of APIs (application programming interfaces) that will enable organizations to automatically integrate travel and expense data into their own internal systems.

Egencia’s APIs help to bring multiple systems together, breaking down silos and centralizing fragmented data for easy access and management of travel data. The open platform makes it easy to build robust integrations that help to automate, connect and simplify the entire travel and expense process.

As companies prepare for the next phase of business travel, optimizing the booking experience is a top priority for fueling economic growth. This means unrestricted sharing of data for faster and more connected user experiences. However, the process of entering, collecting, reconciling, and sharing data between internal and external systems is cumbersome and time-consuming. The ability to connect systems using Egencia’s APIs plays a critical role in the digital transformation of customers’ travel and expense programs.

From booking trips to processing invoices, Egencia’s APIs help travel managers to perform tasks in a scalable manner, create custom dashboards and make important decisions with real-time data.

And it doesn’t stop there… Egencia’s new API Developer Center provides everything you need to get started in one central hub, for quick and easy implementation.

What APIs are available?

Egencia has a growing suite of 12 APIs that support every stage of the booking and expense process:

User management APIs - that automatically integrates data into internal HR systems and creates a seamless user experience through single sign-on.

Expense management APIs - that help to provide a complete picture of travel spend and help to simplify and consolidate data to improve budgeting, forecasting and policy compliance.

Reporting APIs - that help companies to centralize data, create customize dashboards and get real time insights, so they can make data informed decisions that deliver better value.

Duty of Care API - that helps organizations to quickly locate impacted travelers on the road and direct them to safety.

What’s in the API Developer Center?

Developers are critical to the integration of APIs, so our new Developer Center is focused on getting them up and running more quickly with ease. The easy-to-navigate website serves as a central hub for the latest technical documentation, starter guides and sample codes for faster implementation. Plus, our team of experts will be on board to provide one-to-one support in configuring and preparing the testing environment for a smooth and successful integration.

API Developer Center


John Sturino, Vice President of Product & Technology at Egencia:

“Our customers need to deeply understand the business impact of their travel programs. These data insights come from several systems, and developers play a vital role in making them work together seamlessly. We are helping companies by delivering several APIs that are easy to use and bring booking and expense data over to their enterprise systems. This delivers the needed innovation in business travel for all parts of the organization and puts the travel management function closer to the strategic heart of the business where it belongs."

What should I do next?

Visit Egencia’s API Developer Center to streamline your travel and expense program.

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