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Business Risk Management, Travel Advisories & Alerts

Corporate Travel Manager Creates Risk Management Strategies
Corporate Travel Manager Creates Risk Management Strategies

Traveler safety and destination information

The business travel landscape has undergone a monumental shift. Use our travel management tools, including the Egencia® Travel Advisor, to optimize your travel program and care for your travelers.

Support travelers’ wellbeing

Egencia® Travel Advisor helps ensure your business travelers and arrangers have access to safety and destination information and potential impacts when they plan their travel.

  • Reassure travelers they will be cared for on their trip by keeping them up to date on pandemic-related and other travel alerts and advisories.
  • Help your travelers plan by giving them easy access to information about types of risk and safety protocols such as mask requirements, self-quarantine mandates, and other guidelines.
  • Support your corporate travelers in times of crisis and potential risks, including natural disasters and civil unrest with on-demand access to government travel advisories and alerts when they are planning and booking their trips.
Support travelers’ wellbeing

Support your travelers and minimize business risk

Whether you’re establishing a new risk management approach or fine tuning your travel policy, the Egencia® Travel Advisor
can help you optimize your duty of care strategies with travel advisories and alerts.

Gain predictability and control

Gain predictability and control

Use Egencia® Travel Advisor for effective risk management and gain greater predictability and control in your travel program. There are a number of ways travel advisory data can help you balance business objectives and growth while giving consideration to employees’ mental health and wellbeing.

  • Make informed, confident decisions about your travel risk management plan. For example, if a border has any restrictions, you can set a policy based on traveler origin. 
  • Stay up-to-date on self-quarantine and other requirements to provide your corporate travelers with meaningful, real-time updates. 
  • Use personal protection equipment (PPE) standards to build a travel kit for your business travelers. 
  • Quickly update your travel policy with high-risk destinations or other risk factors to keep travelers informed. 
  • Easily access Egencia Travel Tracker to identify travelers whose trips may be impacted by current travel advisories and alerts.

Increase travelers’ confidence

Egencia helps you increase your travelers’ confidence in their wellbeing with contextual and personalized displays of relevant safety and destination information when they book. 

Anyone booking business travel can easily see details about suppliers’ health and hygiene measures as part of the shopping experience, whether they’re online or on the mobile app.

Reassure your travelers by helping them become well-informed about any safety measures that are required by their destination or hotel, car, air and rail bookings.

Increase travelers’ confidence

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