Your essential checklist for business travel savings

Business travel putting savings in a piggy bank illustration

There’s no doubt that managed business travel can add value to your organisation. In a report from Harvard Business Review, Analytic Services in association with Egencia, 47 percent of business leaders said they had seen a significant increase in profitability as a result of their approach to business travel. While 50 percent said their organisation’s customer retention had improved.

But if you’re a smaller business or even a larger cost-conscious organisation, you may be worried about the cost of introducing a travel management company (TMC). In the same report, an impressive 51 percent of business leaders said their organisation had maintained control over expenses and reduced costs for the last year thanks to their strong travel culture and subsequent approach to travel management. Efficiently managed, corporate travel delivers both ongoing savings and a return on investment. “Here’s the brilliant thing about Egencia and the return on investment we get — the fee structure is low and what we make up in unused ticket management pays for it”. JJ Giachetti, Corporate Travel Manager at Umpqua Bank.

Download the checklist to discover all the ways your organisation could be saving on business travel.