Traveler Satisfaction

Not leaving on a jet plane: 10 ways to cope with business travel delays

Hopping on a plane soon? You won’t be alone. According to Sabre, March and April are the heaviest flown business travel months across most […]

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Exposed: We’re all human, even business travelers

This week we laughed, we cringed, we thought “Thank goodness it wasn’t me,” as we watched Dr.  Robert Kelly’s children and wife make their […]

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Everything you need to know about Basic Economy fares

One of the game changers in the travel industry this year is that the three largest legacy carriers in the United States (American, Delta, […]

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15 tips and tricks to make business travel go smoothly

Business travel ramps up in March and April. Before you head out on your next trip, here are some tips from the seasoned Account […]

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2017: The year corporate travel becomes more like consumer travel

After several years of talk but little action, is 2017 poised to be the year when the corporate travel experience truly mirrors that of […]

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To share or not to share? How to decide if sharing economy services are right for your corporate travel policy

While more and more business travelers are using ride sharing services, many travel programs have still not clearly addressed the topic in their travel policies. An Egencia client shares the steps she took to evaluate and implement a ride sharing travel policy.

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