Save time and money with Egencia

At Egencia, we take travel seriously. We don’t play games or tell travel managers to dangle carrots in front of their business travelers to […]

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Business travel glossary

Every industry has its jargon, but the travel industry has more than most. Here’s a glossary of the key terms that every travel manager […]

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Using predictive analytics to improve corporate travel

It’s hard to know where we’re at in the cycle of hype for predictive analytics in business travel. There’s enough breathless excitement surrounding the […]

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5 ways Egencia Analytics Studio helps travel managers

On the surface, business travel seems to be a simple topic: People go places. The company spends money to get them where they need […]

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Business travel in 2019: People-centricity driven by smart technology

by Manuel Brachet, vice president of customer success 2018 was another positive year for business travel with almost double digit growth across the industry […]

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How to be a corporate travel technology leader

By Natasha Samuel, senior product marketing manager According to Greek mythology, the goddess Athena emerged fully grown from the forehead of her father Zeus. […]

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