Duty of Care

What can you learn from business travel’s response to COVID-19?

Travel managers’ feet have barely hit the ground this year. Following a challenging period that saw business travel managers caught in a cycle of […]

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Managing a decentralized travel program at Atradius

Posted: 12 June 2020 Global insurance company Atradius uses Egencia to deliver a single corporate travel solution across multiple regions. Managing a decentralized business […]

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How business travel managers are preparing for future travel

Are you preparing your business travelers for future travel in the wake of COVID-19? It can be daunting to know where to start. Things […]

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On-demand webinar: How to prepare your business travel program for post COVID-19

Business travel is changing. The current COVID-19 pandemic means your business travel program goals will change too and your priorities will shift. From corporate […]

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How to show up stronger as a business travel manager

In today’s business travel environment, many travel managers are feeling the pressure to show up stronger than ever. With risk and spend management high […]

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Travel risk management: Best practices for your travel program

Irrespective of the size and nature of an organization, employers must support the health, safety, and security of their employees who travel for business. […]

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