Egencia Open Sync = Efficiency

Travelers will sustain momentum after a successful business trip with a one-click revolutionary expense report process.

With Open Sync, travelers can consolidate receipts and credit card transactions directly in Egencia, and then feed them in one-click into their expense system. Voila.

Expense reporting screenshot

Egencia Open Connect Platform = Freedom

Enjoy the freedom of selecting the travel partners you like. Our reporting and data management infrastructure allows us to send data feeds to a variety of partners.

This platform is based on a powerful set of APIs (application programming interfaces) that feed an ecosystem of Travel and Expense, Traveler Risk Management and Enterprise Resource Planning partners.

Egencia Travel and Expense = Continuity

Offer your travelers a continuous experience with a one-stop shop for all their travel-related needs.

Egencia provides a fully integrated travel and expense management solution to create an end-to-end experience that captures booking, fulfilment, and expense.