Save time with simpler profile management

Putting all the complex pieces together with simpler profile management

One of the most administrative-intensive aspects of managing your travel program is traveler profile data. If you’re a travel manager struggling with v-lookups to onboard new employees or you’re working with complex HR feeds, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Egencia self-service profile management solution gives you the tools to mass create, update, and delete profiles directly on Egencia’s website.

Keep traveler information in one profile

Regardless of how they book (online, offline or through the app), all Egencia users have one profile that contains everything. Personal information, passport details, company travel policy, approver, loyalty cards, and travel preferences are all located in one place for easy access.

  • If your travelers need help, they get personalized service. Egencia’s advanced telephone and service center software means we recognize travelers as soon as they call us. If they’re on the road, they get the same service. If their profile contains their current phone number, the travel consultant will recognize the traveler who won’t have to worry about answering security questions or have their itinerary number at hand.
  • They’ll also save time since our consultants know all their preferences, have visibility into their trips, company policy, and approval process and can automatically apply it to their bookings.
  • Your travel arrangers also benefit from this single user profile because they can quickly access a trip they’ve booked for a traveler online or in the Egencia app when they’re on the go.
The cornerstone of integration

How do you make it easy for your travelers to book across all devices and know your company’s policy, approval, and traveler preferences are applied? How can you be sure your travel management company (TMC) can access and deliver the same information across every booking channel?

The answer is via a truly integrated solution that also includes synchronization with the global distribution system (GDS).

Unfortunately, today most other TMCs and online booking tools typically provide various systems and multiple players without a single traveler profile source.  

If you want to learn more on the concept of a digital TMC, read Michael Gulmann’s latest article or watch the video from the GBTA convention to learn more.

Straightforward self-service

At your company, how easy is it for you to manage new employees, departures, and changes to your travel program?

At Egencia, there’s no need to set up costly or complex HR feeds. With our bulk data management tool you can create, update, and delete profiles in minutes — it’s all part of the package for all of our customers.

As a travel manager, this means you can stop spending a lot of time on profile administration and focus on more impactful aspects of your travel program. You get visibility of your traveler profile data on-demand and efficient tools to help save you time.

Watch this video for a quick overview of all on-demand, integrated online and offline travel management tools we’ve developed to make your life easier.

Do you know any other profile management suite that’s fully integrated and has online self-service capabilities? We don’t. Contact your account manager to learn more about these features or request a demo of the full Egencia solution.

Want to learn more? Read this LinkedIn article by Natasha Samuel, senior product marketing manager, on the three headaches of travel managers with profile management.