Introducing Egencia® Advantage: This time, it’s personal

Author:  Director, Strategy & Business Development, Egencia

I love to travel. I travel a lot, for pleasure and for work. There is something about hearing a new accent, tasting a new dish, seeing a new corner of the globe that sparks this innate wanderlust that reminds me that we live in a truly beautiful and magnificent world. As a new dad, I cannot wait to show this world to my son and watch him discover what warm sand on a deserted beach feels like, or to take in the smells of a far East spice shop.

Let’s face it though, out of my 200,000 miles flown this year, only a handful of those miles were strictly personal travel. A majority were flying from office to office, conference room to conference room and sometimes even just airport to airport. Leaving your family and friends for just one trip a year can be difficult. Being a road warrior is downright rough.

There are many tools available to me to help with the logistical aspects of business travel –  getting from point A to B as quickly as possible, managing disruptions or a change of plans, and submitting an expense report upon my return. However, I am seldom met with an opportunity to receive a product or service that addresses the more personal aspects of my journey. One that makes the in-between moments of my business travel experience better, more enjoyable, and more efficient whilst appealing to my company’s desire to curb costs and increase compliance.

That is why we created Egencia® Advantage.

Egencia® Advantage goes beyond flight, hotel or ground transportation needs and matches business travelers and their employers with innovative travel companies and solutions that cater to those in-between moments. For example, imagine yourself or your travelers in the following scenarios:

  • Being able to pre-reserve your airport parking spot, whiz through a specially dedicated airport security line directly into a luxurious lounge with a complimentary meal and high-speed Wi-Fi to finish those last emails.
  • Automatically receiving compensation for substantially delayed flights.
  • Automatically receiving refunds for all VAT charges expensed on your trip.
  • Having immediate access to world-class medical support no whether where you are in the globe and not worrying about the cost of any needed treatment

Our goal with Egencia® Advantage is to make this possible for all travelers that use Egencia, with proven cost-savings passed onto their employers. These products and services give travelers better experiences, ways to save time and occasionally put money back in their pockets. All of this, while providing value to their employers and encouraging compliance for their travel programs.

Egencia® Advantage will launch with a handful of products, and we’re actively seeking out relationships with the world’s leading travel and technology companies so we can continually improve the travel experience and optimize cost and efficiency for both employee and employer.

At launch, Egencia Advantage includes:

  • LoungeBuddy: Global aggregator of airport lounge information for business travelers. When travelers are delayed at the airport or have a long layover, booking into one of the hundreds of lounges available worldwide gives them quiet and comfort to get some work done while waiting, or the ability to grab a bite, rest and recharge.
  • Visa Services: Through a global network of partners including CIBT visas, Egencia now offers unrivaled travel visa processing services, which include visa application, renewal or replacement needs around the world.
  • AirHelp: The world’s number one air passenger rights company helps business travelers apply for compensation from the airlines following a flight disruption. AirHelp supports passengers who experience a delayed or cancelled flight, or a missed connection within the EU, leaving the EU or arriving in the EU with a European airline. The service makes the claiming process as easy and seamless as possible for Egencia travelers.
  • Traveler Risk Management: Egencia connects travelers with recommended providers for their specific duty of care needs.

I will always love to travel, but with Egencia Advantage, my business travel has just gotten a whole lot better.

For more information on Egencia® Advantage, please read our press release.