Four Tips For a Better Travel Management Program

Time for change

Are you implementing a brand new travel management program? Or overhauling your current travel management services to ensure a more streamlined approach? Maybe you are in the process of changing travel management companies? Whichever state of flux your current program is in, we are here to help.

In order to launch a successful travel management program for your business, it is important to remember that this is a balancing act; you need to meet your company’s goals while at the same time ensure your employees feel empowered.

Communication is key. Once your team appreciates the benefits that change will bring to them, you can rest assured that those changes will stick. Everyone wins. Below we offer four tips to better approach any and all changes you need to make to your travel management program.

1. Ask everyone how they feel about your travel management program.Communication 

We all know successful communication is a two-way street. The priorities and concerns of the CEO and senior management will naturally differ from those of your road warriors on the ground. Keeping the lines of communication open will allow you to immediately address any concerns that rise up as you implement changes to your travel management services.

First, ask all involved what, if anything, they would change about the current travel management program in place. What frustrates them and what policies would they like to see stay? This extra step will not only help you determine how best to explain your reasoning behind any changes you are about to enforce, but will also ensure that all impacted by the change will feel heard.

2. Leverage early adopters and travel management program evangelists.

Identify and promote early program promoters. By acknowledging this internal group and rewarding positivity around travel management, this will go far for internal adoption around a new approach to travel management. Take advantage of their enthusiasm for the new travel policies and practices and let them loose amongst their peers to further infiltrate influence within the organization.

Approach frequent travelers, executive assistants and technology teams with the same strategy. Treat them as executive sponsors and, in turn, these folks will become travel management program ambassadors. Keep them in your corner and available to speak openly and honestly with the rest of the company about travel management. This group will also help promote the benefits of your new travel management services as they develop.

3. Acknowledge those who resist any changes to your travel management services

There will always be resistors to change, no matter how you present your new and improved travel management program. Again, this goes back to making sure everyone feels heard. You may not win over those who aren’t yet on board with the updates, new policies, or reporting proc121esses immediately but don’t give up. This is where your early travel management evangelists will come in handy. Encourage dialogue along with a team approach to make sure everyone has all the information they need to adopt the necessary changes and move forward.

4. Remember, travel management companies are your greatest allies.

Whether you are making minor changes to your travel management services or completely overhauling the entire program, know that this is a multi-layered process that takes time and effort. You can only do so much on your own. Take advantage of the expertise available with an experienced travel management company.

The specialists at travel management companies like Egencia are on hand to help your company navigate the potential pitfalls of implementing a new travel management program. Furthermore, a travel management company will save you time and money by recommending best practices and providing your team with continuous support.

Change, while often necessary, isn’t easy. Still, the right changes to your travel management program will streamline workloads, ensure greater compliance, bring cost savings, and increase satisfaction through improved experiences for your business travelers. For the right solution- change is well worth the investment.

Get practical tips on how to successfully implement changes to your travel program.