Reimagine travel and expense management

Egencia helps you identify the best way to connect your travel program with an expense management solution that has ease of use for all parties involved, making the decision making process a lot easier for companies of all sizes.

Egencia Open Sync: Solutions for Small Businesses

Is your company still using manual data entry and spreadsheets to file expenses and complete expense reports?

Open Sync can help automate this process by creating an expense report based on your business trip, capture receipts and importing transactions into the report from a credit card. Once a traveler has finalized their report, they can export to a spreadsheet with the total expense already calculated. Automated expense management helps speed up the employee expense claim approval process and ensures expense policy compliance by helping reduce excessive spending.

Currently available in North America.

Egencia Open Connect: Send trip data to over 20 expense management partners

Egencia clients work with many different expense management software systems. To help our customers reach their business goals, we have built a expense reporting solution that sends trip data to these partners and helps reduce paper receipts.

This expense processing solution is based on a powerful set of APIs (application programming interfaces) that feed Expense Management systems such as various mobile apps, but also, Traveler Risk Management and Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

Egencia Travel & Expense: Expense outside the box

How often are travelers submitting expense reports? What items are business travelers claiming?

At Egencia we work with customers to truly understand their requirements and help them to find the right real time expense management process, expense data solutions and mobile expense apps, that are best adapted to their individual company needs. The reality is there are several ways to interface trip data with an expense management system; Egencia partners with Expense Management providers globally to offer numerous cost saving options to our customers and reduce manual processes for employees, employers, accounting departments and more.