Business travel platform solutions

Follow a leader. One platform. One solution for all your corporate travel needs.

Business travel platform solutions

Follow a leader. One platform. One solution for all your corporate travel needs.

Travel technology pioneer

Egencia pioneered the way every digital travel management company (TMC) operates. Our technological innovations deliver solutions for business travelers and travel in a user-friendly and familiar way.

We deliver you the best corporate travel experience with the power of our platform and our nimbleness in innovating how corporate travel works for you. We do this by capitalizing on:

  • A network of suppliers that goes beyond air, rail, car, and hotels and caters to the in-between moments of business travel (lounges, Wi-Fi, destination information).
  • Business travel software that supports your travel program and helps you save time managing expense reporting.
  • Predictive analytics that deliver the best travel options to you and your travelers.
  • Customer support bolstered by artificial intelligence.
  • An omni-channel platform that works like you do — start booking a trip on one device and complete it later on another.

Savings and analytics

Stop spending hours consolidating data from multiple spreadsheets. We do the hard work for you and centralize your travel program data — online and offline — on our platform so that you can easily access it in one place.  

This powerful solution delivers data insights that come directly from our platform. Instead of relying on multiple third-party tools, our centralized approach ensures that you save time by viewing dynamic visual reports on how your travel program is performing and helps find savings opportunities.


of calls

answered in less than 20 seconds

Expert support

We have more than 2,500 business travel agents who provide support to travelers, arrangers and travel managers around the world, 24/7/365.

Our agents use our platform to see what you see to help you and your travelers on any step of the journey. Agents recognize every traveler when they call to give them the service they deserve.

Egencia mobile app

Our industry leading mobile technology delivers powerful features to every user: Travelers, approvers, arrangers, and travel managers. We’re always updating and improving our app to deliver the best booking, itinerary, and alerts for travelers and offer mobile-only features like special hotel rates and ground transportation options.

Travel managers and arrangers have visibility into travelers’ bookings to manage itineraries on-the-go and can approve or reject trips with just two taps in the app or they can monitor and track travelers across the globe with Traveler Tracker.

Policy and approval

We make managing your travel policy and travel approval easy by quickly viewing your travelers’ itineraries across every booking channel. Your company’s travel policy and approval process is also visible, automated, and integrated in the platform so that however your travelers book their travel, there are intuitive, visual guidelines to help them stay compliant.  

One customer that’s benefitted from our platform is Alexander Mann, who achieved more than 87 percent policy compliance. With greater visibility of travel policies and approvals, and self-service features, Alexander Mann’s travel managers can efficiently report on travel costs, noncompliance, and traveler behavior. When any policy changes are made, they can immediately add them to online, offline, and app bookings so that travelers always have full visibility into the company’s travel policies.

Traveler risk management

Travel security risks, from disruptive weather patterns, worker strikes or political events, exist everywhere and can happen at any time. This highlights the importance our customers have for a travel risk management solution that provides up-to-date news, clear and concise communication, traveler tracking, and medical and security assistance services.

Travel to some destinations may represent an unacceptable risk for your company and you can restrict travel as needed. We provide travel managers with daily alerts and flag any disruptive events by sending special alerts that include a list of impacted travelers. Travel managers can also pull a list of travelers from Travel Tracker when an emergency arises, online or in the app.

For clients that need a higher level of support when it comes to travel risk management, we also partner with a number of risk management providers. 

Supplier network

Our expansive inventory is built on a broad network of global distribution system (GDS) aggregators for low-cost content, rail providers, and hotel inventory options. This approach is fundamental in what our customers want: Choice with local, relevant travel options across the globe.  

When it comes to booking travel having a massive inventory is great, but when you serve corporate customers, we know that offering relevant, preferred rates as quickly as possible is paramount in reducing the time spent booking.

With more than 500,000 hotels in our inventory, we offer Egencia Preferred Rates for more than 35,000 hotels and include amenities such as breakfast, Wi-Fi, and parking, all negotiated exclusively for business travelers. We also recognize the Top 100 corporate hotel awards, an annual program that recognizes the top customer-focused hotels around the globe.

Beyond hotels, we’ve spent the last 20 years cultivating supplier relationships that span the entire travel experience, and our suppliers cover more than 30,000 cities in over 200 countries.

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