Exposed: We’re all human, even business travelers

This week we laughed, we cringed, we thought “Thank goodness it wasn’t me,” as we watched Dr.  Robert Kelly’s children and wife make their guest appearance during his live BBC interview. His daughter is adorably cute and the look of sheer panic on his wife’s face makes you gasp. But why is it that this video has resonated across the globe? Because it’s real life. It’s us. It’s everyone trying to balance home and work in an era of “always on” and TV interviews via Skype.

What business traveler among us hasn’t gotten up hours before a flight to hurriedly lay out her children’s clothes and pack their lunches before running out the door?  Who hasn’t had to spend the weekend making arrangements for his dog, doing laundry, and running errands before leaving for a week?  How many of you have smoothed your hair and gulped some mouthwash in an airport bathroom before rushing into a meeting after a long flight?

The reason this resonates with us is—just like Dr. Kelly—business people, and business travelers, are human. Our clients, our colleagues, our audiences may not realize this when we show up to meetings prepared and ready to close the deal, but we do. And when we rise to the occasion, despite early travels or lack of sleep, we feel superhuman.

At Egencia, we want to be the most business traveler centric company in the world. We know it’s not always easy to travel.  While we can’t keep your seatmate from drooling on your shoulder, we’ll do our best to make sure you can easily book your travel, find the quickest and least expensive ground transportation from the airport to your hotel with a tap on our app, and have a seasoned travel consultant ready to call you back, already armed with your information and concerns, when your flight is cancelled. It’s all of those “in between” moments that make the difference between an okay trip and a fantastic one. We’re here to help.  After all, we’re all human.