Egencia employees share their secrets to customer success

We set out this month to speak with employees across the globe about customer service. Within a few weeks we quickly discovered a heartfelt, engaging topic that is a source of pride throughout our worldwide halls.

Excellent, proactive, efficient, dynamic, and passionate are just a few of the many expressive responses we received when we asked “Describe Egencia Global Customer Service in one word.”

Over the following days, we will take you on a journey to explore the many facets, and faces of Egencia’s Global Customer Service team.

In our first piece, Egencia employees share their perspective on our differentiated approach to the industry through technology-infused service, and how our customers benefit.

How does Egencia customer service stand out in the industry?

  • People are the foundation of this place. Egencia is filled with personable people, passionate about providing a proficient service to professional people. Our approach transpires across all nations and all walks of life without hesitation. You can’t buy personality but you can invest in the right people to deliver your ideology. – Simone Kirkup, WBMI Consultant, Egencia UK
  • We aren’t your average agents, we have tech knowledge, we know how to work apps like Uber, Egencia, Google street view, Delta, open table, etc. We can guide them through not only navigating which lane they need to be in to turn in their rental car in any city and providing local destination knowledge, but also help them clear their cookies and cache on their browser, or provide them with the website to get discounts, and coupons from the local visitors bureau, we really are an all service TMC! -Claire Mullikin, Egencia Senior Corporate Travel Consultant
  • Egencia’s service is evolving and growing constantly. With a high focus on continuous improvement. Egencia’s mission statement is clear on what service means to Egencia; “To transform business travel by revolutionizing travel technology and service.” – Paul Taylor, Team Leader, Egencia Customer Service UK
  • Our customer service uses the best tools in the market. – Tillmann Zietz, Senior Sales Manager, Egencia Germany
  • We simply go the extra mile. – Laurie Esper, Egencia Dedicated Travel Consultant
  • I have been impressed with Egencia’s swiftness and reliability. – Michelle Schaeffer, Supplier Marketing Specialist, Egencia

How do Egencia customers benefit from our approach to customer service?

  • Seamless one call, professional and caring service. – Laurie Esper, Egencia Dedicated Travel Consultant
  • Through our tools/technology and agent knowledge and the fact our customers have a seat at the table.  We listen and take action.  And mobile provides flexibility to assist when the customer is available. – Sherrey Pfaffenbach, Operations Manager, Egencia Global Customer Service
  • Technology enables our customer service to save time and money for our customers. – Tillmann Zietz, Senior Sales Manager, Egencia Germany
  • They (our customers) feel more comfortable with the latest technology. – Cristina Brugulat, Team Leader, Egencia Customer Service Barcelona
  • We approach it from a consultative mindset, in that we are not order takers.  We offer options and information that they would not receive if they had only called the supplier direct.  When asked, we extend our expert advice – all the while reinforcing the notion that they are making the final decision. Michael Goodrich, Egencia Dedicated Travel Consultant
  • We look out for their company’s bottom line. If we know their customer is prone to changes we don’t lock them into non-refundable hotels, we don’t want them to waste money. We help eliminate corporate waste by utilizing unused tickets, and checking to see what the best option is when it comes to exchanging a ticket. We keep their travel costs down, which keeps their company profitable. -Claire Mullikin, Egencia Senior Corporate Travel Consultant

Changing TMCs can be difficult or cumbersome on some companies.  What advice do you have for travel managers implementing Egencia customer service (or considering it)?

  • We are here to walk you through the entire process. – Laurie Esper, Egencia Dedicated Travel Consultant
  • That this is, truly, an upgrade. Being wary of change is normal because you’re not sure what to expect. However, when it is an upgrade, you can expect positive change. Lateral moves can cause anxiety but upgrades are exciting. You are moving forward and onward to better things. – Elisa Ramirez, Egencia Executive Travel Consultant
  • Technology is ever evolving, as is our customer service. Only by pushing the boundariesand taking the ups and downs that come with this, can we continue to progress and deliver. – Paul Taylor, Team Leader, Egencia Customer Service UK
  • There’s not much advice to give…the service is simple enough that it doesn’t require much adapting. Simply call the number, and the agent who answers already knows your nameand trip plans/history. And you won’t be sitting there for hours listening to elevator music. In my experience, an agent has picked up in less than five minutes every time. – Michelle Schaeffer, Supplier Marketing Specialist, Egencia
  • Like all other changes, there may be issues at first. We are worth it because we have some of the most experienced employees in the travel industry. Our travel professionals are not just trying to serve our customers, but striving to WOW them. Our track record on customer satisfaction shows we have the ‘best of the best’. We always have knowledgeable professionals on the line so every single time you call, you have confidence in the representative that answers. – Deanna Collins, Egencia Senior Corporate Travel Consultant
  • Phased, collaborative approach. We work as a team to understand company culture and appetite to change. – Sumant Bhardwaj, Customer Operations Manager, Egencia Gurgaon

In our next post, you will hear from Egencia employees about some of their most memorable customer service experiences. For more information on Egencia Global Customer Service, please click here.