Confidently sell business traveler-friendly policies to executives

Traveler manager presenting new policies to executives

Every year one or two themes seem to stand out at the GBTA convention. This year it was traveler satisfaction—a growing priority for travel professionals according to a recent Skift Survey.

While many travel buyers realize that improving traveler satisfaction can increase compliance, some have told us that they struggle with selling that idea into cost-conscious executives.

Carol Velasquez, AVP Procurement, at Macerich shared how she was able to increase traveler satisfaction and lower costs during the GBTA session, “Tackling Traveler Satisfaction: True Stories from Travel  Managers.”

Velasquez recognized that half of the battle of rolling out new traveler-friendly policies is securing executives’ endorsement. To convince the leadership team of the value of her proposed policy changes, she took the following steps:

  1. Carol formed a team of diverse people that were willing to listen, including executives, frequent travelers, administrative assistants, and members of the procurement team.
  2. She surveyed travelers so she knew exactly what was working for them and what wasn’t.
  3. Then, she shared industry facts and trends that focused on employees, value, and efficiencies, including the benefits of offering TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry and providing sharing economy service options.
  4. And, perhaps her most important tip, Carol was confident. She presented herself as an expert who was using her voice to bring improvements for the benefits of the end user and organization. Her expertise instilled confidence in the executives and travelers at Macerich.

If you’re ready to sell-in traveler satisfaction initiatives to your executives, download this PPT template to start crafting your story.