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When sourcing hotels, check in early

Hotel RFP (request for proposal) season may be the most dreaded time of year for many travel and procurement professionals. With so many moving […]

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4 ways to utilize data to support road warriors

Even in a cost-conscious environment, businesses have an opportunity to adopt policies and practices designed to improve the lives of road warriors.  Addressing traveler […]

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Avoiding Turbulence: The Risks and Opportunities of Airline Consolidation for Business Travel Programs

As the airline landscape evolves, it is vital to optimize your air program and revisit your contracts to ensure they deliver the greatest value […]

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Policy vs. policing: 10 ways to empower, care for your travelers

According to the business travelers we surveyed globally, only 38 percent said their company travel policy meets their needs very well. Travel managers need […]

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Control and what it means to your travelers

We’ve all heard the stories of missed flights and long lines that business travelers have endured. So you might be surprised to learn that […]

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Hidden savings in big data

Big data isn’t just for scientists anymore. With the right technology partners, companies can use big data to unlock hidden travel savings. Digging into […]

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