Business travel during the EURO 2016: what’s your game plan?

In a few weeks the Euro 2016 football (or for the Americans among you, soccer) tournament will start bringing nearly 8 million fans of 24 European teams into France. That’s nearly 10% of the country’s yearly visitors – all crammed into one month!

Games will be held in 10 cities around the country including Paris, Marseille and Toulouse – three of the busiest commercial centers of France. So if you’re planning a trip – you’ll need a good game plan.

While all of these fun and games are taking place around you, you still need to get business done – effectively and safely.  So for travel to France between June 10 and July 10, here are a few tips to help you stay at the top of your game.


Plan ahead – if it’s not too late! In addition to your hotel booking, also think about booking all aspects of your trip well in advance – restaurants, entertainment and ground transport options get filled up quickly around game time.

TIP:  The Egencia app can help get your hotel, air and ground transport organized even while you’re traveling.

Be safe – Large sporting events are targets for criminals of all kinds – from international terrorists to petty thieves.  Find out where the fan and game zones are in the city you’re visiting. Also, always make sure your whereabouts are known and your company can reach you at all times.

TIP: Book your accommodations in your company booking solution. Rogue bookers are hard to find in an emergency.

Guard your personal belongings from the threat of pickpockets. 

TIP: Pack light and leave your valuables at home.

Avoid traveling in the city at game times and you’ll miss out on the crowds, stress and potential risks of game and fan zones.

TIP: Choose a hotel near your meeting/office and away from the crowds to limit your movement on the ground.

Know what to expect – Get more information on the game schedule and activities here and stay tuned stay tuned to Egencia’s social media for daily Euro 2016 travel tips and fun facts.

But don’t forget to have fun! – If you have a favorite team, or are a fan yourself, consider working in a few moments to grab a special Euro 2016 souvenir for yourself or that special fan in your life, or catch a game in the local atmosphere and excitement of the sport.  After all business travel doesn’t have to be all work and no play!