Big promises, big companies: Can mega TMCs deliver midsize solutions?

Fingers crossed - broken promises from mega TMCs

Do you work for a mid-market company? Are you ready to launch a managed travel program or are you looking to switch providers after hearing too many traveler complaints?

A lot of companies are vying for your business today. They are doing so with promises of seamless technology, knowledgeable service, and cost savings. But, can they really deliver?

In this series, we want to help SME travel buyers determine if a travel management company (TMC) is the right fit for them and their travelers. We start by asking travel managers to explain why they decided to switch to Egencia from mega TMCs.

Seamless technology

Some corporate travel providers claim to offer seamless end-to-end technology. The reality? There’s one system to book travel online, another system that agents use, and yet another company that builds the travel app. The result?  A less-than-ideal traveler experience as these companies quickly learned.

“We had complaints that our former online booking tool was more time consuming and frustrating. It was definitely not the program we were promised and it created a bad experience for our travelers.”

One Egencia client left for another TMC, but soon found that the grass wasn’t greener. Within three months the client came back to Egencia because:

“Our travelers were unhappy. They felt the Egencia tool was much easier to use.”

Knowledgeable service

It’s easy to get lost when you’re a small fish in a big sea. Clients who switched to Egencia often site the lack of service they received from their previous TMC.

“There was no personal touch with our previous TMC. They wouldn’t come to see us in person because we were too small. It was huge when our Egencia account manager came into the office to meet with us.”

“We switched because we were not receiving quality service. The individuals who answered phones simply read scripts; they were not trained travel agents.”

“Customer support at our old TMC was not helpful or knowledgeable.”

Cost savings

Most small and mid-market companies seek out a travel management partner in order to find cost savings. These Egencia clients just weren’t seeing the value from their former partners.

“Price escalated over time, but we weren’t seeing improvements to the platform. There was no personal touch. We simply were not getting what we paid for.”

“We were being charged erroneous fees and had to request refunds.”

Parting advice

“Partnering with the right size vendor is crucial. Our previous TMC was way too big to manage our travel. Now we’re getting the personal touch we’ve always wanted.”

If you’d like to explore if Egencia may be a better fit for your mid-sized travel program, check out this blog about SME travel management or contact us today.