Egencia Open Sync = Efficiency

Travellers will sustain momentum after a successful business trip with a one-click revolutionary expenses report process.

With Open Sync, travellers can consolidate receipts and credit card transactions directly in Egencia, and then feed them into their expenses system with one click. Voila.

Expense reporting slide screenshot

Egencia Open Connect Platform = Freedom

Enjoy the freedom of selecting the travel partners you like. Our reporting and data management infrastructure allows us to send data feeds to a variety of partners.

This platform is based on a powerful set of APIs (application programming interfaces) that feed an ecosystem of Travel and Expense, Traveller Risk Management and Enterprise Resource Planning partners.

Egencia Travel and Expense = Continuity

Offer your travellers a continuous experience with a one-stop shop for all their travel-related needs.

Egencia provides a fully integrated travel and expenses management solution to create an end-to-end experience that captures booking, fulfilment and expenses.