Fare benchmarking: does it really tell you anything?

Do you shop around when it comes to buying bread? The answer is probably no since bread is a food staple, the grocery business […]

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Why bots are coming to business travel

You may not have noticed but 2015 was a tipping point. It was the year that the number of people using messenger apps, such […]

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Why people, and women particularly, say Expedia is the best place to work

In the five decades or so since the world saw its first female head of state, Sirivamo Bandaranaike, and first female Fortune 500 CEO, […]

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Do-It-Yourself vs Do it right: What are the cost benefits?

The business travel industry is rushing to adopt online booking. It has proven benefits in terms of cost, control and duty of care, but […]

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New Year, New Chance to Strengthen your Corporate Travel Programme

As we start a new year, we often take time for reflection. We make resolutions to eat better, exercise more and better ourselves in […]

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5 steps for managing change in your travel programme

From a new travel policy to a new booking tool, any successful implementation requires careful planning. Travel bookers and buyers often have to manage […]

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