Umpqua Bank



Umpqua Bank has been in business for over 60 years. Opening its first branch back in 1953, the bank prides itself on ‘running for people and not money.’ Now with over 350 locations all over the United States, Umpqua is complemented by a strong mobile banking presence.

Umpqua Bank’s corporate travel manager, JJ Giachetti, understood the importance of finding a travel management company (TMC) that was as tech-savvy as the bank itself. It was also essential to find a TMC that could deliver a strong offering of supply, a great ROI, and high adoption.

Watch the video to learn how the low fee structure and global platform from Egencia helped Umpqua Bank deliver a complete ROI and a world-class 94 percent adoption rate.

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“We’re a very tech-savvy company, and Egencia’s tech made it very easy to meld into our culture. The other thing that Egencia offers is all the different hotels that you guys have that supplement my preferred hotels. The closest other company out there has about 70,000; you guys have over 500,000*, which is brilliant. Here’s the brilliant thing about Egencia and the rate of return on investment that we get from you guys, the fee structure’s low, and what we make up in unused ticket management pays for it, so it’s fantastic. And then on top of it you have a tool that people want to use, you have high online adoption — and if you don’t have a tool that people want to use, they’re not going to use it and I’ve had other tools in my past lives at other companies and you don’t have that type of adoption at all. We have a very robust travel policy in place, we do allow people to select where they want to go, but we softly push them through the booking tool of where we want them to stay. And to be able to have 94 percent online booking, versus calling in and have 94 percent in house versus someone going out of house – that’s world-class, that’s not just best in class, that’s world-class — it’s fantastic. My account manager helps me strategically plan for upcoming events and other opportunities and other offerings that she has, for example, our meetings and events, and group air bookings, we’re rolling that out and implementing that to our company which we hadn’t [previously] had that in place. I really like Egencia. I’ve done this for 17 years [and] it’s a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant tool — I can’t stress it enough.”


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